Irene Tondi
Remote Data Analyst

I am a Data Analyst with hands-on experience in Digital Marketing and Online Business fields.
I drive analytics projects, from KPI definition to visualizing and presenting insights, following the entire process.

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I'd love to help grow your company with Data Analysis

In 2020 Google Analytics is not enough

There are these kinds of questions that need to be answered:

- What features do most profitable users have in common?

- What is their customer journey?

- When is a customer a churn risk?

- How does Customer Care interactions affect lifetime value?

And I can help you with that.

As a Data Analyst I can:

Identify KPI

Do you know how to choose your business KPI?

I try to gain as much insight as possible into the business goals for data mining, by clarifying problems, goals, and resources.

I work with every part of the organization to prioritize business and information needs.

Collect and Clean Data

Data preparation is one of the most important aspects of data analysis.

I acquire data from primary or secondary data sources.

This part involves taking a closer look at the data available for data analysis and then proceeding to clean it.

Analize Data

Do you know which data analysis method you need?

I interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques such as:

• Linear/non-linear regression
• K-
means clustering

• Sample size estimation

• Statistical tests
• and many more

Present Data

Data visualization tools are essential to make data-driven decisions.

I determine the appropriate type of graph for your situation.

I provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.

Begin New Process

Growth never ends.

Once the data has been presented and decisions has been made, I work with the team to define new data collection and analysis processes.

Irene Tondi
Remote Data Analyst

In the last few years, I worked with a wide range of companies: from online business to multinational corporations.

I learned how to understand the needs and priorities of every client and turn them into ad-hoc data strategies.

I combine a marketing-oriented profile (made of funnel strategies, user experience and conversion rate optimization) to a more technical one (Javascript, R and SQL).

This allows me to communicate effectively with all the figures involved in a project.

Data is a major asset for a company, let's find out how to use yours.

I am impressed by her professionalism and the way she approaches to Data Analysis. I recommend her to everyone who does need a Digital Analyst.

Matteo Zambon
Founder @ Tag Manager Italia

Irene is extremely proactive and competent. His work is always on-time and extremely useful, not only for the team but for the entire company.

Luca Mastella
CGO @ Marketers

Gabriele Rapino
CEO @ DataBeat

Irene is a highly competent Digital Analytics professional, and she knows very well both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. She's also a really serious and helpful person and I enjoy working with her.

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